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You might already have known what is machine learning by this time which is a branch of computer science that studies the design of algorithms that you are learning now. Now the main focus is on deep learning which is a subsect of machine learning with a set of algorithms that is inspired by the structure and the function of the brain. The algorithms are usually called as neural networks. Deep Learning is one of the hottest fields in data science and there are plenty of case studies too with a huge amount of results in field of image recognition and processing, robotics and AI which is Artificial Intelligence. TensorFlow is famous and said to be a game-changer in the future of AI and google will give everyone the machine learning superpowers using Tensorflow for deep learning with big data.

When you execute the practical’s and you can setup your own library on the machine that can be installed on any OS and you can get the installation guide which can help you to install the required libraries and set up the environment. Would you now like to take google tensorflow course now and gain certification? TensorFlow is the 2nd Generation API of Google’s open source software library that was developed especially for Deep Learning. The system is designed in such as way that it facilitates more research in machine learning and will make it quicker and easy to transition from a research prototype to the main production system.

deep learning with tensorflow course contents

The deep learning tensorflow course will begin with introduction to TensorFlow and an example, linear and non-linear regressions plus logistic regression, activation functions, intro to Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), CNN history and application usage, intro to Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN). Recursive and recurrent neural tension network models, Long Short-Term memory (LSTM), Unsupervised Learning, Collaborative Filtering with RBM, Autoencoders and Applications, Deep Belief Network.

The tensorflow deep learning online course is self-paced and it can be taken at any time depending on the trainer. The course is mainly intended for seekers who want to use TensorFlow for their Deep Learning projects. After the completion of the course the seekers will get to know the structure and the deployment mechanisms that are used and will be able to carry out installations, architecture tasks, configuration, assess code quality, perform debugging, monitoring and able to implement advanced training models, graphs and logging.

We have plenty of trainers and certification providers who are registered on Benchfolks to provide you with the latest tensorflow deep learning training and there is not exact pre-requisite for the course and you may know statistics and python for starters. The course is mainly targeted for python developers and for data analysts who want to learn cutting edge machine learning techniques and apply them to real life. Even the students who have no prior experience in Python can take a fast track programming course that is enough to cover the python fundamentals for the course and an introduction to neural networks. Enroll with top trainers and start your training online and earn certification.

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