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Computer vision has become quite ubiquitous in the society where an enormous number of applications are being used for search, apps, mapping, medicine, drones and image understanding. The core of many of these applications is visual recognition tasks which involved around image classification, detection, and localization. The most recent developments in the field of deep learning is that neural networks have opened vastly and the approaches have greatly advanced the performance of the state of art visual recognition.

We have trainers at Benchfolks who will be providing you Deep Learning Vision Training and who are currently working in the field. The course will be dealt with in deep and the details of the deep learning architectures along with a focus on learning all the end to end models will be taught. When the course is being taught, the students will be learning how to implement, train and to debug their own neural networks which will gain a detailed understanding of the cutting-edge research in this field. The final assignment will involve training up of multi-million neural networks and apply it to a large image dataset.

Deep Learning Vision Training course contents

The Deep Learning for Computer Vision course will begin with Deep Learning vs Machine Learning, Limits of Deep Learning, Methods Overview, Nets and Layers, Artificial Neural Networks: Perceptions, Handwritten Digit Recognition, Visualizing and Understanding, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Detection and Segmentation, Real-World Use, image recognition and learning algorithms such as backpropagation and practical engineering tricks for training and to fine tune the networks, Framework design and future. Tools use such as Caffe, R, Matlab, and TensorFlow among many others.

The practical certification classes are fine-tuned according to the student and the group and trainers will guide the students through hands-on assignments and even guide projects. Background and materials for the course will be given by the trainer and the course can also be customized accordingly. Having any programming language is also required and familiarity with machine learning is not required but beneficial if you know. The course mainly focuses on how to build and to understand and not just how to use. Anyone can learn to use the various API‘s in about half an hour after going through the documentation. It is not just about knowing and understanding the facts and it is about how to see it yourself with the help of experimentation.

The course is best suitable for deep learning researchers and for engineers who are interested in utilizing the available open source tools for analyzing the images and the Deep Learning Online Course will also cover working examples and compare the accuracy and cost of different methods. The instructor led boot camp will provide you all the hands-on knowledge that you need to develop the deep learning computer vision applications. Once you complete the course you can receive certification. Also you can find placement opportunities as well.

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