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Data science is one of the hottest fields in tech today and it is an interdisciplinary field about scientific methods, processes, and systems which are helping to extract insights, knowledge from the data in various forms which may be structured or unstructured also like data mining. You ought to get into the field now and you can learn how to get new insights from big data by asking the right questions and manipulate huge data sets.

We have a plethora of trainers who are enrolled on Benchfolks to provide you a complete Data Science boot camp specialization training course that will be providing you a detailed understanding of data science, data analytics, data acquisition, analysis, project life cycle, statistical methods and machine learning. You will be gaining very much hands-on expertise to deploy the recommendations using R, Apache Mahout, data analysis, data transformation, evaluation as well as experimentation. You will be gaining an unbeatable skill set by learning data science bootcamp course with the help of leading analytical tools.

Data Science Training course contents

You will begin the Data Science Bootcamp Training online course with an Introduction to Data Science and the various statistical and analytical methods, importance, transforming the data, Data Science Project Life Cycle, introduction to the various BI and analytical tools, R Programming, predictive modelling, machine learning, Data conversion, terms of statistics, plots, sets and the rules of probability and Bayes Theorem, Probability Distributions, sampling, tables and analysis, acquiring data, machine learning in data science, data transformation and Apache mahout intro, data testing and assessment, data models, algorithms and prediction, data segmentation and analysis, integration of R and Hadoop and a data science project, complete mastery of all the concepts and Data Science Bootcamp Project discussion and a case study.

Now coming to who all can take this Data Science Bootcamp Course are big data specialist, business analysts, for business intelligence professionals and for statisticians who are looking to improve their statistics skills, for developers who are wanting to learn machine learning technologies and for those who want to take up a role as a data scientist and as a machine learning expert. There are no prerequisites for taking up the course and if you just love mathematics it will be helpful. Get certification at the end of the course. Find placement opportunities from some of the trainers enrolled.

Taking up the Data Scientist Certification Course is quite helpful as there is a serious shortage of Data Scientists and this is a major concern for Top firms around the US and there are many who are ready to pay top salaries for the right skillset and the course will equip you with the same and master the technology. You can easily take your career upwards and to the next level once you complete the course and a data scientist job is one of the best jobs in the present market and US alone has a huge shortage of Big Data Analysts in the future.

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