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Chukwa is open source and flexible data collection system for processing large distributed systems. It is built on the top of HDFS, Hadoop Distributed File System and mapreduce framework. It inherits features like scalability and robustness of Hadoop. It includes a powerful toolkit for analyzing and monitoring the collected data. It is used to monitor multiple clusters of several hosts that generates large data sets. With chukwa you can monitor and debug systems. Chukwa uses a delivery model that controls system log files of both defined and undefined format. Chukwa is used by different constituencies like Hadoop users, managers, developers, and operators.

While coming to the architecture, chukwa consists of different components like Agents, collectors, MapReduce jobs and HICC. Agents emit data and collectors receive data from the agent. Mapreduce jobs is for parsing and archiving data. HICC is Hadoop infrastructure care center. It is a web portal style interface for displaying data. The components of chukwa are pluggable and allows easy customization. Chukwa is structured as a pipeline of collection and processing stages Learn chukwa pipelines processes and retain of data at each stage by finding training classes. To learn in detail about chukwa and other modules involved, take training on latest chukwa training courses from top trainers in USA.

Chukwa course contents

Chukwa course contents includes topics like introduction, installation, deployment and implementation, configuration steps, architecture, details about agents, collectors, and other components of chukwa. Learn all the concepts through training classes online taught by top trainers. The training courses consists of advanced concepts of chukwa framework. Understand the major concepts and implement it on real time applications of chukwa framework. Learn essential commands that are used to run applications on chukwa by enrolling certification courses.

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We believe that we can help you in choosing best trainers of US with practical knowledge in chukwa platform. Start your career as chukwa expert and manage large scale log collections in a smart way. As chukwa is a part of Hadoop distribution, having knowledge in Hadoop applications encourage you to learn latest courses. View complete course details of chukwa through Benchfolks and select the trainer who suits your requirements. Get chukwa certification from top most trainers from all the parts of US. Become an expert on chukwa processes and its data flow. Build high performance distributed monitoring system with knowledge in chukwa. Become a certified expert on chukwa and get high pay chukwa jobs.

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