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Catia stands for computer-aided three-dimensional interactive application which is said to be one of the most powerful and widely used Cad software (computer-aided design) software of its kind in the world. Catia is developed and owned by Dassault systems in France and is now being widely marketed all over the world by IBM. Catia can deliver not only modeling a product but can also do it in the context of its real-life behavior as well. Designers, engineers, systems architects, contributors can now be able to define, imagine and shape the models that they want.

We have multiple trainers at Benchfolks who offer CATIA v5 training for a complete range of Catia solutions as well as modules. The trainers are qualified engineers who are using it daily for their own engineering business and as a result, the CATIA v5 training classes are developed in such a way that it suits the engineers as they know that is expected in real time scenarios and based on their own experiences. The training facilities are located all over the US across 21 cities and you can avail the training as per need and convenience.

Catia course contents

The catia certification course will begin with Introduction of CATIA, Workbenches, Compass, File Operations, Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench, invoking the sketcher workbench, units, and grid sets, construction and standard elements, drawing sketch objects, view manipulations, modifying objects, constraining sketches, constraints, Sketch Analysis. Creating a solid using features, assigning materials to a model, Reference Elements and Sketch-Based Features, multi-pass features, Creating Dress-Up and Hole Features, Editing Features like cut copy paste, deactivation of features, Reordering Features, Transformation Features and Advanced Modeling Tools, Advanced Modeling Tools, Wireframe and Surface Design, case study, and a project.

The catia training classes will be introducing the user to CATIA V5 which is one of the best and leading parametric modeling packages ever and this course will be emphasizing on the solid modeling techniques that will be enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the user. The sessions are all structured in a sequence and every session will be providing you with a detailed explanation of all the commands and tools that are used on Catia.  You can also avail catia online training as well if you are not able to attend the classroom mode teaching.

You will be learning how to carry out visual analysis and validation that will help you to give high-quality performance insights for product decisions as well. The training centers are well equipped with lab facilities and infrastructure. The course value for money and it is tailor-made based on each student's training requirement. The classes are conducted on daytime, weekend, evening as well as fast-track training. After regular classes, 24/7 support is also provided for practice.

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Catia training online by experts

We are a training provider in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, and Mechatronics. We strive to offer CAD/CAM /CAE integrated with an excellent training program. We also offer online training classes on your convenience. We have an excellent team of best technical experts to guide and to support trainees. We have served many reputed clients with 100% Satisfaction. Contact us for more details...
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