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BIZTALK is a Middleware System that enables to automate business processes, using adapters which are tailored to communicate with different software systems used in an enterprise. BizTalk uses Microsoft's central platform for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business Process Management (BPM) that integrates and automates capabilities of XML and Web Services technologies. BIZTALK has a process execution engine and a multi-transport hub for messaging and document transformations. The product also helps users to efficiently and effectively integrate systems, employees and trading partners.

We at Benchfolks have Instructors who are among the best and have more than 7-8 years of professional and practical experience in the technology which they tutor. The trainers not only help you with the course but also give the users the necessary composure they need by means of their practical sessions. More importantly, they are excellent communicators and bring a matchless enthusiasm for learning and help you to get placed in the IT industry with high paying jobs.

BIZTALK course contents

The trainers conduct their BizTalk training which is equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. BizTalk module includes BIZTALK server introduction, creating XML Schemas, creating XML Schemas, creating a BizTalk Map, Working with Bindings Files, introduction and configuring message routing, integrating using Adapters, creating pipelines, BizTalk Orchestration, Orchestration Shapes, Adapter Basics, BRE Fundamentals, tools and tasks, Role-Based Integration, Introduction to Business Activity Monitoring, Running BizTalk Server Applications in the Cloud and BizTalk Server Cloud Services.

Learn to develop and manage BizTalk Server solutions and accelerated BizTalk Server training online as well as offline with our talented trainers at Benchfolks. Our instructors are truly dedicated BizTalk enthusiasts and when they aren't training they are working on courseware development. They also consult with the Microsoft development team and create new BizTalk classes and labs with the most relevant content that addresses product upgrades and changes with respect to the user�s changing needs.

Choose from the huge list of trainers below. You can also have a thorough look at the contents, timings, duration and type of teaching from our list of trainers below. This course is a perfect fit for a user whether he/she is new to BizTalk Server or whether they are looking to know more about its architecture and applicable techniques. It's an advanced course that first covers the architecture, and then it presents the various techniques and how to solve them in the context of business scenario driven from a real-life project. We also have companies who provide placements and who are tied up with us who complete BizTalk certifications and courses.

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