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Hadoop is a software framework that is used for storing and processing Big Data. It is an open-source tool that is built on java platform and mainly is now focused on improved performance in terms of data processing on the hardware. Hadoop comprises of multiple concepts and modules such as HDFS, PIG, HIVE, Map-Reduce, HBASE, SQOOP and ZOOKEEPER which is said to perform easy and fast processing of huge data. Hadoop conceptually is quite different from relational databases and can easily process huge volumes and high velocity, variety of data.

We can now see that Big Data and Hadoop are growing with each passing day as the new job opportunities are also equally arising for IT professionals in the field. There is an enormous scope for them. Big Data as well as Hadoop Development program is not being offered by top trainers who are registered on Benchfolks. Big Data Hadoop development training course as well as the big data Hadoop certification are now being offered by the trainers. Gaining in depth knowledge on the core ideas through the course and the trainers are also executing it on wide-ranging industry use-cases and showing to the students. It imparts new opportunities to the professionals who are employed at the organizations of all sizes and equipping them to write codes on MapReduce framework.

Big Data Hadoop course contents

The course preview is given as the following where these concepts will be taught. The contents of bigdata hadoop course are as follows. The course starts with an introduction to Hadoop and Big data ecosystem, HDFS and Yarn, MapReduce and Scoop, Basics of Hive and Impala, working with Hive and Impala, Java essentials for Hadoop, types of data format, advance Hive concept as well as data file partitioning, apache Flume and HBase, Pig, Basics of Apache Spark, RDD’s in Spark, Implementation and running of Spark Applications, Spark parallel processing and Spark RDD optimization techniques, Spark SQL and finally some trainers also provide projects as well as simulation test papers. As an added addition, some may also provide java essentials that are required for Hadoop.

As per recent reports the jobs are growing as 200k big data roles are said to grow annually in the US by 2020. You can now enroll for the courses on the portal and become a specialist. We also have tie up with companies who are providing certification after completion of the course. Learn online bigdata Hadoop courses along with production level use cases and work on bigdata projects which the trainers assign you. You can now build a better solution and manage business insights in case you a professional who has experience.

Get hands on experience on all the tools and technologies from certified trainers in US. View all the details below and select classes online or offline as per your comfort. Students and professionals who want best careers on bigdata Hadoop can benefit from this course. You can all now get placement in top companies of US which are tied up with us. Develop yourself for the next level of IT career as a certified expert and get all the top jobs.

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