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Android is said to be the top niche in mobile application development and it supports not only the mobile but also tables as well as other devices too. The extendable application environment of Android is specifically designed to suit the industry requirements to tap the mobile consumer market thus offering immense scope for Android application developers. Most of the application development is carried out in Java and the android application development training mainly focussed on Java-based application development. Android is actually turning out to be the most popular OS for smartphones and many businesses themselves want to have their own apps for Android. If you want to search for jobs on job portals you will see hundreds of work opportunities being advertised for 0 to 2 years minimum experience with regard to android app development.

You can now learn android development on Benchfolks with the help of trainers who are registered to provide in-depth knowledge of Android App development using java. The course is primarily designed for freshers as well as experienced programmers who want to learn how to create applications in android. Since Java is the primary language of the Android platform, the course will begin with refreshing the features of Java programming language. Freshers can take Java training initially and then jump into this course. The android development course will be covering all the building blocks associated with Android in detail and how to design and develop applications using these building blocks.

Android training course contents

The android programming training will start with an overview as well as history of android, working with native libraries, virtual machine detailed info, stacks in android, SDK platforms and tools, creating of a project and manifest file, application framework, filters and role of them in receivers, running apps on emulator, activity and services plus intents, User Interface Components, android user interface overview and handling, Frame Animation along with Audio, Debugging Android Applications, Internal Storages, Fragments and Types of Adapters, SQLite Database, opening and closing a database, files and Shared preferences, Adding, removing and Changing content, MIME Types in Content Providers, Services and Broadcast Receivers, Location GPS and Services, Google maps and extensions, case study and a project.

After the completion of the Android development classes the learner will be able to build and deploy their own applications and how Android applications operate and have a good understanding of Google android UI and also elements plus positioning and finally you will develop a basic Android application that serves as a working example of all of the topics covered in the class. The training course is a job oriented hands-on course that is designed to provide essential skills and the experience that is needed.

You can also avail android development training online which is one on one with practical code application. You will get to use eclipse and Android SDK which are used in the development environment throughout the course. After completing the training course you will also get to certification as well as placement assistance with the help of tied up companies with us. Enroll now.


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Mobile App Development training

Android DevelopmentCourse DescriptionThis course introduces mobile application development for the Android platform. Lecture slides, labs, syllabus, and course assignments will be provided. Individual and small team assignments encompass a course-long, student-conceived Android app.Course DurationNormal Course: 2 MonthsCrash Course: 1 MonthPre-requisite:Greater part of Android application developm..
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