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SAP Workflow is a module that deals with bringing the right work to the right people in the right sequence that facilitates an improved implementation of the business processes. It is nothing but the automation of business processes wherein the necessary documents are passed on from one person to another based on a pre - defined procedure that helps in the successful execution of the various business processes in an organization. Such a SAP modules comes handy in two specific situations. One, when a task is to be done through various participants in a particular sequence. Two, when certain business processes have to be carried out repeatedly.

The SAP ABAP Workflow Online training helps in defining the workflow processes, to create customized workflow projects and also to extend the present workflows in an organization. Additional capabilities of ABAP Workflow include working with ABAP objects, implementing UWL, up gradation of workflows and so on. The striking features of SAP ABAP Workflow include newer designing techniques of workflows, advanced interfacing technologies in workflow, integration of Workflows with other SAP Business Suite applications.

Topics dealt with during the course are: Overview of Workflow, Workflow Architecture, Modeling tools of Workflow, Building Workflows, creation & implementation of tasks, working with Organization structure, Agent Assignment Techniques, implementing work centres, Workflow Runtime tools & technologies, basic step types & special step types, using loops, event creators, operation on containers, monitoring deadlines, working with technical logs, standard logs, graphical logs, customization process of workflows, checking consistency, business objects repository with attributes & events, workflow reporting tools, working with containers and events, triggering workflow methodologies, testing and troubleshooting workflow concepts.

Along with the above mentioned topics, the course also incorporates practical lab sessions, real time scenarios with examples, mini projects, assessments, case studies and role plays which helps in imparting quality training to people.


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