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Oracle Fusion Middleware is a digital business platform that has come into the picture to be used for enterprises as well as the cloud. It helps to enable the enterprises to run and to create intelligent business applications thus maximizing IT efficiency with the help of full utilization of modern hardware and software architectures. The SOA suite is being used for many business application integrations which are both on-premise as well as the cloud and many thousands of companies are building business applications using Oracle Fusion Middleware stack for content display or business processes or for content management.

We have plenty of trainers who are registered on Benchfolks to provide you Oracle Fusion Middleware Training in Atlanta and help you to create your own Oracle&rsquos Fusion Applications such as E-Business Suite, Peoplesoft, with Siebel, JD Edward which is generally is built on top of Oracle Fusion Middleware. There are actually plenty of Oracle Fusion Middleware Jobs but not enough resources who understand how it works and how to deploy the components in patch or clone environments.

Oracle Fusion Middleware course contents

The Oracle Fusion Middleware course in Atlanta will begin with definition to Fusion Middleware Products and Architecture, Oracle Fusion Middleware Products and tools overview, and Oracle Fusion Middleware Architecture, and Fusion Middleware Repositories, and Fusion Middleware Installation Overview, using Directory Structure and Patches, SOA Suite Schema Overview, Managed Server / Administration Server, Application Deployment Concepts, WebLogic Server Concepts, Core WebLogic Server Administration and Monitoring, including Data Source and Java Message Service Concepts, and WLS Administration Console Overview, WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST), about Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, details on Enterprise Manager Grid Control, Configuring Fusion Middleware Components, Node Manager Architecture and configuration, as well as Node Manager Files and Best Practices, Controlling OHS from Fusion Middleware Control and Administration Server, Fusion Middleware Security, Configuring Oracle Internet Directory as well as Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) Basics, Users, Groups, and Roles, SSL, Identity Store and Authentication Providers, Backup and Recovery, Deployment Review and plans, Fusion Middleware Performance, Fusion Middleware High Availability Overview, Development to Production, JVM Tuning Overview, live project.

You can also avail Oracle Fusion Applications Certification at the end of the course and also take up Oracle Fusion Middleware Online Training in Austin too. Nowadays companies need skilled professionals who are able to understand the following things in particular

  • who can understand all the components of Oracle Fusion Middleware components?

  • Can install as well as configure and also integrate the software.

  • Ability to start and stop all the services.

  • Deploy the middleware as per Oracle enterprise reference architecture through the Oracle Fusion Middleware Training.

  • Patching up, cloning, upgrading the components.

  • Bring the services back easily and quickly in case of any issues.

  • Implement and support Fusion middleware applications.

  • Ability to understand along with identify, access management in addition to integration with Fusion Middleware.


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