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Business Analyst Training QA Training
Ruby on Rails Training Teradata Training
PMP certification course SalesForce
Hyperion Training OBIEE Training Curriculum
Selenium Training Training Schedule
Fortune Technologies is a leading IT consulting firm based in Silicon Valley, Offering training courses that are highly specialized in current market. Due to our wealth of product knowledge and our trainers product proficiency helps the students to be better prepared to handle implementation challenges on their own. Students will also learn to be innovative when ideas are needed to support their uniquely designed network architecture and system applications.Training will include exposure to real time work environments and will also prepare you to attend interviews confidently. Each training module is specially designed by experts, so that by the end of the course you will be ready to face interviews.

What?s The Deal
  • Training conducted by experienced and certified Instructors.
  • User Guides & Soft Copies will be provided
  • Required material will be provided for interview preparation
  • Limited Students in the Batch
  • Assistance in resume preparation and review
  • Free Mock-Interview preparation training
  • Great marketing support
  • 100% preparation towards Job securing within months
  • Free career counseling
  • Our trainers focus extensively on their Real time project experience
  • We provide Excellent Training material
  • Software access for practice
  • Feedback from training coordinators throughout the course
  • Resume help and Mock Interviews
  • Placement Assistance & On the Job Support by the Trainer
  • Guarantee lowest bench period.
  • Employee referral program.
  • Placement support thru experience professional with over 10 years of experience
Courses Offered
Ruby on Rails Training
Get trained to achieve sustainable productivity with Rails from experienced instructors.Youve heard the hype about Rails and youre excited about it - but how do you get started? Well, weve lined up an intensive Ruby on Rails training for you! So, whether youre coming from another language, or youre brand new to coding, youll walk away with practical experience and with confidence in your ability to use Rails effectively.

You will learn how to:
  • Configure and install Ruby and Rails
  • Learn the basics of the Ruby language
  • Build a Rails application using iterative, test-driven development (TDD)
  • Leverage Active Record with migrations, associations, validations, and callbacks
  • Build flexible layouts with rich forms
  • Use routing to create friendly URLs
  • Build interactive apps with Ajax with RJS
  • Find and use plug-in
  • Send emails with Action Mailer
  • Understand deployment options with Capistrano
  • Effortlessly add RESTful web services with resources
  • Understand Rails opinions and how to embrace or override them
Business Analyst Training
The business analyst role has evolved from that of a business procedures analyst to that of a business liaison between the non-technical user community and the technical solution providers.

In todays high-paced and revenue conscious IT world, the business needs of every project must be communicated in a way that supports business user validation as well as providing the foundation for the technical staff to design and build a successful solution. Attending our Business Analyst training will enable you to better support the efforts of your company?s project managers, service architects, development teams, testers, and quality assurance teams ensuring that IT services meet the expected business goals.

You will learn:
  • Basic Concepts needed for Business Analyst
  • Various Model Driven System Analysis Approaches
  • Introduction to Object Orientated analysis and design
  • How to Gather and Document User Requirements
  • Use Case Modeling for Business Analysis
  • Working with a Case Study along with the tool - IBM Rational Suite.
  • Process of System Development
  • Working on different case studies
Teradata Training

Teradata is a massively parallel processing system running a shared nothing architecture. Teradata DBMS is linearly and predictably scalable in all dimensions of a database system workload.This course is designed to illustrate the fundamentals of the Teradata database.

Students learn about parallel processing, AMPs and PEPs, how Teradata lays out data evenly, Primary Index use, hashing, Perm and Spool Space, and protection features.

You will learn:
  • Teradata architecture
  • Data warehousing and data distribution
  • Calculating Teradata space
  • Applying data protection including Transient Journal, Fallback and RAID
  • V2R5 partitioning
  • Loading the Data
  • Secondary Indexes
  • The Active Data Warehouse
QA Training Curriculum
Excellent QA training on both Manual and Automation testing using Mercury Interactive/HP Test Suite (QuickTestPro(QTP), LoadRunner, TestDirector/Quality Center, and WinRunner) and other QA tools by a professional with 11 + years expertise in IT Industry and 5 years QA teaching experience.
Course Outline
  • Concepts of manual and automation testing.
  • Both Black box testing and White box testing.
  • In-depth coverage of the testing terminology.
  • Detailed power point presentations explaining each and every piece of automation.
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
  • Application testing and product testing.
  • Web application testing
  • Data base testing. (SQL Server and Oracle including RDBMS concepts)
  • Relational data base concepts and fundamentals.
  • In-depth coverage of automation tools (WinRunner, LoadRunner, TestDirector/Quality Center, and QuickTestPro(QTP)).
  • Descriptive Programming in QTP and TSL scripting in WinRunner.
  • Load/Stress/Volume and Performance testing.
  • Fundamentals of UNIX and Shell scripts.
  • QA related tools like XENU, VNC, VPN, and Ghost Process.
  • HTML, ASP, Java language fundamentals.
  • Various bug tracking systems like TD/QC, BugZilla etc...
  • Complete QA release process
  • QA FAQ?s session
PMP certification course
Enhance project management skills, achieve PMP certification and propel your career. We offer a clear, simple, and focused approach to prepare for PMI- PMP certification, to enhance project management skills and we also provide necessary tools to become a successful project manager.This course is tailored for professional who wish to become Project Managers, who wish to attain PMI-PMP certification, professionals who August be doing the job of a PM but who wish to enhance their skill set, or professionals who are looking for a challenging career and improve marketability in the job market by learning the formal project management methodology, tools and techniques.This structured course of 35 hours meets the PMI PMP training requirement, and we also provide career guidance and job search support from our experienced marketing staff. Admin / Developer Training Programs is one of the hottest new I.T. technologies. It is one of the best cloud applications in the on-demand CRM applications industry. The company is offering two courses in which are aimed at I.T. Professionals who want to learn a new technology and those who have recently graduated from college. No programming experience is required to learn
The courses are
  • Admin Training. On completing this course a person will be qualified to be a:
    • Administrator
    • Business Analyst / Functional Consultant
    • QA Analyst
  • Development Training. On completing this course a person will be qualified to be a:
    • Developer / Consultant
    • Visualforce / APEX Developer
    Course Components
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Concepts
    • What is Cloud Computing?
    • What are SFA and Platforms?
    • Configuration Concepts (Sharing Rules/Profiles/Roles/Workflow Rules/
    • Approval Process/Validation Rules/Formula Fields/Deployment process)
    • Build a sample application in SFDC
    • Customization Concepts
    • Introduction to overview and basics
    • Visualforce Components/Standard Controllers/Custom Controllers
    • Introduction to APEX overview Creating Apex Classes and Triggers
    • Customization using Apex programming
    • Using Visual Force in a real time scenario
    Selenium Training
    Selenium is a high quality open source functional and regression automation tool for web application testing which is rapidly becoming the open source standard for web test automation. This course will train people in the use of Selenium to script web application testing and run these test automatically. Selenium handles both server-side testing and client JavaScript application testing. Selenium test scripts are portable, can be run from browsers (using Selenium IDE) or from JUNit or NGUnit (using Selenium RC) etc. Selenium test scripts are portable, can be run from browsers (using Selenium IDE) or from JUNit or NGUnit (using Selenium RC) etc. For example, test scripts written using Selenium IDE in Firefox on Windows can run on Firefox in Mac or Linux, without changing any code. Selenium tests run directly in browsers and so match the end-user experience closely. Selenium can run either whole suites or individual tests.

    You will learn:
    • Functions and purpose of selenium
    • Recording Automated scripts
    • Playback automative scripts
    • View and analyize the results
    • Modification of scripts to extend the capability to test the application
    • configuring selenium remote control with Eclipse
    • configuring custon log files
    Java/J2EE ? Advanced Web Development Training Curriculum
    Java/J2EE is one of the most sought skill sets in the current job market. This course is targeted at audience who needs a jump-start on Web Development using Advanced Java/J2EE Technologies. The course covers a wide range of topics which spans the complete spectrum of Web Development using Java/J2EE. These include Servlets, JSP, Struts 1.3, and Hibernate & JiBX. Our unique syllabus makes sure that you gain knowledge not only in the Java Technologies, but also on other important supporting technologies such as Java script, CSS, JSON, XML and HTML. Also our course gives special focus on one of the most ignored, but extremely important skills: - effective debugging of Java script, CSS and Java code. We use a hands-on approach-based training methodology coupled with assignments which will enable the attendees to gain excellent exposure to the technology in an instructor-controlled atmosphere.
    Course Outline
    • Core Java Round-up
    • Introduction to Web Technologies
    • Web Application Architecture, MVC
    • End-to-end flow of HTTP request
    • Eclipse Integrated Development Environment
    • Servlets, Servlet Context, Filters
    • JSP, Scriptlets, Expressions, includes, contexts
    • JSP Tag Libraries, JSTL
    • Struts 1.3, Introduction
    • Struts Actions, Form Beans, Struts Validation
    • Hibernate, OR Mapping Concepts, pooling
    • JiBX, OX Mapping Concepts
    • JavaScript, Element Selection, Form Submission
    • JavaScript Events, Ajax, JSON
    • JavaScript debugging with FireBug & Script Debugger
    • Advanced JavaScript frameworks ? JQuery, Mootools, ExtJS
    • CSS, styles, selector, debugging with FireBug & Developer Toolbar
    • Advanced tools ? TamperIE, DebugBar, FireFox, ieHttpHeaders
    Hyperion Training
    Hyperion Essbase, and planning solution: - Hyperion Planning from experts who have implemented Essbase and Planning in several client sites. The best part is, classes are delivered online and have very flexible schedule & project focused training content. Hyperion Essbase and Hyperion Planning opens the door of opportunity as Hyperion Essbase/Planning developer, Hyperion System Analyst, Hyperion Planning Analyst, Essbase developer and many more. The course content is designed in such a way emphasis is more on understanding the concepts and how to apply them in a real life projects.
    Hyperion Essbase

    You will learn how to:
    • Build different types of Essbase Applications quickly and easily following the proven steps
    • Use advanced techniques such as Tuning and Optimization, Calc Scripts, and MAXL
    • Use the Excel Add-In and Smartview Add-In to retrieve and analyze data
    • Create dynamic reports using WebAnalysis
    • Administer Essbase (Security, Migration )
    • Use all other components of System9/System11 such as Shared Services, Workspace etc.,
    • Implement Backups and Recovery
    • Install and Configure System9 Essbase and System11 Essbase
    Hyperion Planning

    You will learn how to:
    • Budgeting and Forecasting Concepts
    • What is Oracle Hyperion Planning and how to connect
    • How to build a Planning Application from start to finish
    • Using advanced techniques such as Tuning and Optimization, Business Rules, and MAXL
    • How to Plan over Web and Excel (Webforms and Smartview Forms)
    • The Steps to manage and administer Planning Applications(Security, Migration, opening/closing Forecast/Plan etc.,)
    • Using Smartview Add-In to Plan, Retrieve and Analyze data
    • Tips, tricks, and design best practices for Planning and its underlying Essbase databases
    • Creating reports using Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio
    • Using all other components of System9/System11 such as Shared Services, Workspace etc.,
    • Implementing Backups and Recovery
    • Install and Configure System9 Planning and System11 Planning
    OBIEE Training Curriculum
    (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition)OBIEE opens the door of opportunity as OBIEE Architect, OBIEE Administrator, OBIEE Developer (dashboard and answer developer) and many more. We have very flexible schedule and project focused training content. The course content is designed in such a way emphasis is more on understanding the concepts and how to apply them in a real life projects.
    Course Outline
    • Installation and configuration of OBIEE
    • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Concepts
    • Design and development of Physical, logical and presentation models
    • Build dashboard with OBIEE Dashboard
    • Build Answers with OBIEE Answers
    • User access control and Security
    • Caching, Performance considerations
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